Multy-day travel to be immerse in Mexican culture and nature guided by profesional's local guides.

Procedure to book at tour 

 #1 Please send an e-mail to With the following information :
  • Which program(s) would you like to   attend?
  • Dates you will be visiting the area?
  • Which hotel (cruise) are you going to stay? (to give you your pick up time)
  • Number of attendees. 
#2  You will receive via e-mail a confirmation letter  with the pick-up time, confirmation code-number, the details of your reservation and be requested to make a deposit of 50% we will send you a PayPal invoice .You are all set .
#3  when you arrive to your hotel please send us your room number and advice the concierge or front desk clerk that you are going to be pick-up to go birding.
#4 be at the pick-up time & place mentioned in your confirmation letter 
#5 when you get pick up present the confirmation letter to the driver and please pay the 50% balance. 
#6 Enjoy your tour 

#7   Note: in case of single travellers We require a minimum of  4 attendees to operate any multy-day tour Due the same reason we have a calendar with open dates and we are constantly advertising and promoting , in the remote case we don't have other passenger booked to your tour you will be asked if you are willing to pay the minimum .  

all the tours are limited to 10 attendees 

Add a passenger : May you want to add a passenger in your tour , send us an e-mail it will be added to the reservation under your name to ensure that you will be in the same group.

Travel insurance:

All visitors must have a valid travel insurance when touring in Mexico.

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cel-phone 52+ (624) 129-8701  

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  local phone 144-3539


Our Goal:
To offer you opportunities to create your everlasting memories with your love ones in touch with our Mexican natural & Cultural Heritage 
Baja California peninsula covers 1000 miles. it offer and endless number of opportunities, environments and ecosystems wich are almost untoached by human ,  it is home of more than 700 endemic species of flora and fauna , this vast penisnula is sorrounded by a beautiful coastline of crystaline waters, home of sea turtles, santuaries of whales, whale sharks and thousands of colorful fish  , many milles of unexplored mountain ranges , millennial legacy of art rock and caves paintings as witness of indigenous people , footprints of explorers, adventurers and conquerors of the past left us a mission trail which cradle of missions begins at Loreto , small villages, oasis, remote ranchos and fishing villages are waiting to offer you opportunities to create your everlasting memories with your love ones in touch with our heritage. 
join some of our following multy day packages/ camp/expeditions.   contact us:

Our programs & Next departures are below :

If some of the tours are of your interest and they request a passcode to access please ask for the password to our e-mail address:

Other packages 

Birding Sierra la Laguna Biosphere Reserve

In search of the cape endemics 

Program: BEX1 


Baja rock/caves art -Indian Paintings

UNESCO world heritage site as important as Altamira or Chauvert

Program: EX2


Birding Copper Canyon

Birding Copper canyon also visit the Tarahumara indian tribe who dwell the caves of the area. 

Program: EX3

Baja Mission's trail
cradle of las Californias

In the footprints and paths of early time explores, conquerors and missionaries

Program: EX4-


Birds & Gray-Whales sanctuary
2 N-3D 

Sanctuary of whales, birds, sea-turtles, seashells, dolphins and tousands of birds all in wilderness 

Program: BEX5-

Want More details? 

request via e-mail. 

Baja Peninsula

Explore Birding , nature and culture Up & down 


Mexico Through Centuries , Living art & History

Lead by Art Historian , Architect & Certified Tour guide 

If you are afraid to travel to Mexico , if you are a solo travel , these is for you !!! 

we will experience , past & present of a great nation , from pre-hispanic times to modern times with Top security , 100% bilingual certified guide . 


Multi day- Kayak and Diving Tours and                  Expeditions

Program : EX10                      Leave no trace ethics

The Sea of Cortez or Gulf of California is considered the largest living acquarium of the world declared by Jaquez Cousteau and the world's capital of Kayak.  

please contact us:    Ivan Moreno     Facebook: Ivan Moreno


Baja California & Sea of Cortez 
Birds & Whales 

Be immerse in culture and nature of Baja California and the sea of Cortez

program : BEX2

10 days Birding Yucatan & Cozumel endemics.

Birding40 endemics, subespecies and at least 200 more birds +Mayan ruins  - great landscape  delicious food and more !!!

7 days 7 cape endemics.

7 endemics and many more birds

from Los cabos Baja California Sur tip of Peninsula  

8Days Birding La Paz México

Birds &  Natural History from La Paz Baja California Sur , Mexico   

5 Days snorkel with striped Marlins 

Unforgettable experience !!!

Scuba Diving in The sea Of Cortes 

Lead By Local experts who's Sea Of Cortes has been playground and know hidden treasures!!!

2 Days Snorkel with striped marlin 

Coming Soon !!!

2024-Solar Eclipse 

7 days enjoy Astronomy - Archaeology - Birding  US$2,450





Note: prices are in US$  , based in double occupancy , single supplements are available at additional cost 

prices can change with out notice , the sooner you reserve the more you ensure the price.

Note : If you have found better prices in another site or someone quoted you  cheaper,
send us the announcement or quote and we will equal the price or improve it !!!!!!