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Los Cabos :

Is a municipality located at the tip of Baja California Peninsula sorrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez or Gulf of California , formed by minor and major capes such as Cabo San Lucas where the arch is located or San Jose where the airport is located they are marked with red dots on the map , our State capital is La Paz

Tourism Corridor:

There are 30 milles between these two major capes called "the tourism corridor " where most of the hotels are located

Weather : we have 360 days of sunny - clear sky 

The Peninsula where los cabos is located has a delicious weather , during spring/summer temperatures average 70 - 95 F / 20-45 C  during fall/winter 50 - 85 F./10-30 C  humidity is very low 10% . unless a hurricane approach , hurricane season from June to September we expect them but don't always come , rainfall very few only 10-12 inch, unless a hurricane which can bring 40 to 45 inches in 4 days . we have 360 days of sunny and clear sky  Due our location you can enjoy the sunrise from the ocean and the sunset at the ocean

Always bring a light jacket or sweater, hat or cap in the Desert you never know when you will need it

for a daily weather report check:    http://www.eebmike.com/     

we are sorrounded by beautiful oceans but we can't swim them all   

Due our geographical location , geology and Natural History it is extremely dangerous to swim at many areas of the ocean , Local Citizens as well as visitors must go to the same safe beach areas those are: Medano Beach at Cabo San Lucas , Santa Maria Bay , Chileno Bay at the middle of the Tourism Corredor  and Punta Palmilla at the entrance of San Jose del Cabo , cabo pulmo and la paz are safe too. 
medano have all the facilities such as restaurats, beach-clubs , toilets etc, but the other beach areas don't have those facilities if you want to know how to get there or want us to take you there contact us: murielme2@prodigy.net.mx

Avoid  at  all  Lovers  beach  , 
un less  a  tour-guide goes with you or you are part of a  tour

Lovers beach is part of a protected area , it is beautiful to visit by bay tour , is surrounded by two oceans but its waters are not safe they have undertow currents ,  there are not facilities at all , no restaurant , no beach clubs , no toilets Due the remoteness of the area it has become a place easy for bandidos who rob your camera , wallet or belongings  
more info contact us  birdingloscabos@gmail.com 

Currency /Money / Banks/ATM's 


Mexican currency is Mexican peso and is floating , most places accept MX$ peso as well as  US$ dollar some local business  accept major credit cards.

 But coins , checks or traveler checks are not accepted.  

To make it easy for our visitors Birding Los Cabos  quote all our services in US$. 

Credit /Debit card use:

In many stores they accept mayor credit /debit cards but ask first the machine might be broken or they might not have internet connection.

Birding Los Cabos:  We made an agreement with the Banks they don’t sell excursions and we don’t make bank transactions. (they require a certain amount of "sells" to authorize an electronic machine to make charges with credit/debit cards but we haven't meet their volume of sells they require from us. )

We accept PayPal deposits and the balance in US$ cash the day of your service  

Banks / ATM machines

There are several Mexican ATM machines , most of them give you pesos during transaction 

Mexican Banks are Banamex , BBVA-Bancomer , Banorte, we also have Scottia bank  & Santander

there are other ATM's  non mexican they give you dollars for your transaction but they also charge you a fee

In Mexico we can withdraw only US$500 per day per credit/debit card. 

Maxican banks are open monday to friday from 9:00 to 4:00 PM saturdays from 9:00 to 1:00 PM

Gratuities / Tips / service's guide 

Kindly note that gratuities for the tours/expedition guides, drivers ,staff ,crew , boat captains, chef , waiters whoever provide personal service during our excursions/expeditions or tours are not included in your price. 
Gratuities are entirely at your discretion. The guides/staff/crew work very long hours to make such tours/expeditions a success.    For those not used to North American practices surrounding gratuities/tips, we would like to point out that employees working in service industries in Mexico / North America are paid at low wage levels on the basis that a relatively high level of gratuity is considered standard practice.
our groups are small and personal  so Based on maximum of 10 participants.

A suggested guide :
Multiple day expeditions:  
high skill services like tour leaders - guides the tradition is 10% -15% of the cost of the expedition , 
multiple day drivers/staff members US$10 per day  
Brief services or Day excursions:
  • captains of yacht or boats US$5 per hr.  
  • captains of tours in services  1 hr. or less : US$2 per person
  • waiters at restaurants US$2 to US$5  per person depend on restaurant style.
  • drivers of transfers: US$2 per person US$5 if you have big heavy lugage.
  • maids at lodging US$2 per day 


                                           Travel in Mexico 

                         If you come from Asia , Europe , Canda , USA


Travel into Mexico for foreign citizens requires proof of citizenship, which may be a valid  passport (preferable) or a birth certificate with a raised seal (either the original or a copy). Additionally, a tourist card, which may be filled out aboard your flight to Mexico, is required. Both the proof of citizenship and the tourist card must be carried with you while in Mexico.

Travel insurance: All visitors to Mexico must purchase and bring a travel insurance before you visit the country , most tour companies will ask you to sing waiver to participate in their tours , programs or activities in the understanding that all along your vacation is under your free will and everything involves at least a minimum risk . 

US Consular Agency :

(An extension of the Consulate in Tijuana)
Las Tiendas de Palmilla L-B221, Km. 27.5 Carretera Transpeninsular 
San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur C.P. 23406
Fax: (52)(624)143-6750


Canadian Consulate

Legal & Travel Assistance for Canadian Citizens
Marie-Eve Pomerleau - Honorary Consul
Hours: M-F 9am-1pm 
Email: loscabos@canada.org.mx
Local 9, Plaza Jose Green, San Jose del Cabo 
* Tel: (624) 142-4333 * Fax: (624) 142-4262


                                                                          contact your travel agent. 

Airlines - airport - flight time

Our home airport is: los Cabos International Airport ( SJD) 

Airlines:Major Arlines flight non stop some of them are from : 

  • Mexico City ( MX )     
  • Los Angeles ( LAX ) 
  • Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (DFW)   
  •  New York, NY - Kennedy (JFK)       
  • Portland, OR (PDX)          
  • San Diego, CA (SAN)
  • San Francisco, CA (SFO)                                                                                   Guadalajara Mx. (GDL) 

                                                     Among others.   contact your travel agent. 

Safe transportation

Safe Transfers & transportation :

shuttle or private 

Contact :

Joanne Moreno .


send an e-mail and request your quotation  

Mexico uses 110 volts AC, the same as the U.S. An adapter may be needed at times for polarized plugs (those with one prong larger than the other) Europe and Asian need an adapter to plug in. 

Telephone :
Country Code: 52
Los Cabos area code: 624
La Paz area code : 612
  • How to make a phone call from Mexico to USA or Canada ?: 
Mexico code to access to USA , Canada is 001 + area code + phone number 
  • from USA or Canada to a Mexican Cell phone 52+1+area code + phone

Time zone: 
Mexico is on US Central standard time; EXCEPT Sonora, Sinaloa, Nayarit and Baja California Sur, which are on US Mountain; and Baja California Norte which is on Pacific time. 

Airport code :  SJD