Transportations we offer:

Transfer San Jose (SJD) : 
Airport - Hotel

Transfer Cabo san Lucas (CSL) :
Airport - Air BnB

Transfer Marina :

Marina -Hotel
Marina - Airport 

Cabo Airport  & Port Transfer By Birding Los Cabos   

 Since 1999 We offer Safe Transportation with Certified Drivers 100 % Bilingual English- Spanish 

Airport - Hotel  or Marina Dock's - Airport 

If you have short time before airport departure we will take you birding or city- tour or nature walk then drop you off at airport .  look at the options : 

Transfers from : Airport San Jose (SJD) or Cabo San Lucas (CSL)
To:   - Hotel or Air BnB 

Transportation Airport  -  to Hotel - Air BnB 

1 or 2 persons 

  • San Jose del Cabo US$70 one way 
  • Puerto Los Cabos  US$80 one way 
  • Tourism Corredor US$90 one way 
  • Cabo San Lucas US$100 one way 
  • Pedregal, Quivira ,Diamante to Rancho san Lucas  etc. US$120 one way 

Transportation Airport  -  to Hotel - Air BnB 

4-6  persons   Price per person  

  • San Jose del cabo US$25 one way 
  • Puerto Los cabos  US$30 one way 
  • Tourism Corredor US$40 one way 
  • Cabo San Lucas US$45 one way 
  • Quivira , Diamante or Rancho san Lucas  US$50 one way