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Tailored / Private or Groups 

Many visitors and companies request us to tailor or plan their holidays or vacation packages and we feel honored & happy to do so , thankful for your preference and confidence you give us 

Maria Elena Muriel is our program's designer and chief leader who guide the small team we are.   

To be able to create a tailored program and send you the best proposal , we need some information , please send us an e- mail  with the following  information: 

  • have you being in other parts of Mexico before?
  • have you being in Los Cabo before?
  • do you want day-trips or do you want a circuit that link all the activities? 
  • have you reserved a hotel or not yet? 
  • Do you want us to include lodging?
  • Do you want us to include meals?
  • how many participants will be? 
  • Average age of participants
  • How many days would you like your program? Do not count the arrival & departure dates.
  • Arrival & departure dates 
  • Do you want your program to be in private basis?
  • Do you like your vacation to include : mention , underline or highlight  the ones of your interest :

  • Birding?
  • Diving ?
  • Fishing?
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • Camping? 
  • Sea-turtles
  • Whale-sharks
  • Sea-lions
  • Stargazing
  • Cultural Museums
  • Old villages
  • Rancho experience
  • Nature- center
  • Zip-lining?
  • Other 

#1 With that information we will make a tailored plan for your vacation/holidays

#2 We will need a  US$ 500 paypal deposit  , to ensure your participation

#3 We will send you e-program  ,  and we can modify it  until it fit your Desire

#4  Please consider that it requires dedication / time/ knowledge/ contacts and expertise  to plan and put together the most accurate program with best quality .  If you decide us to operate your program and participate with us the deposit will be apply as part of your payment and the planning/ design will be complimentary.    

#5 But If you decide not to operate your program or participate with us ,  your deposit will be considered as planning/design payment and won't be refunded. 

Please let us know if we proceed to send your vacations plan/design.

Go to your PayPal Account send a US$500 deposit  as note please write: PB-Program+ your name,  PayPal system will send you and us a note , then we can proceed to Create your Tailored program .  you know it’s easier and more secure than cash or checks. Don’t have a PayPal account? No worries. Getting one is fast and free.

In all the programs we will provide all the transportation , certified guide,  equipment , permits & park fees as basic service  but  lodging , meals & miscellaneous  depend upon the logistics of final package . balance will be determinate by the program's logistics.  

Birding - packages

We have designed already some multi-day packages  to meet most visitors preferences they are shared with other visitors to reduce the  cost , also you might want to look at our programs in a row by looking at the section birding Cabo area of this website , our intention is that you' ll be immerse in the natural and cultural heritage of our country but our focus is on birding especially the endemics ...... please visit the section at these website 

Informations & reservations: