Sea-turtle programs for visitors staying at Los Cabos Municipality 

How Do I make a reservation?:

 #1  Please send an e-mail to With the following information :
  • Which tour(s) would you like to   attend?
  • Dates you will be visiting the area?
  • Which hotel (cruise) are you going to stay? (to give you your pick up time)
  • Number of attendees. 
#2  You will receive via e-mail a confirmation letter  with the pick-up time, confirmation code-number, the details of your reservation and be requested to make a deposit via Paypal we  .You are all set .
#3  when you arrive to your hotel please send us your room number and advice the concierge or front desk clerk that you are going to be pick-up to go birding.
#4 be at the pick-up time & place mentioned in your confirmation letter 
#5 when you get picked up present the confirmation letter to the driver and please pay the balance , sing the waver 

#6 Enjoy your tour 

#7   Note: in case of single travellers We require a minimum of   attendees to operate any tour Due the same reason we have a calendar with open dates and we are constantly advertising and promoting , in the remote case we don't have other birders booked to your tour you will be asked if you are willing to pay the minimum .  

all the tours are limited to 10 attendees 

Add a passenger : May you want to add a passenger in your tour , send us a mail it will be added to the reservation under your name to ensure that you will be in the same group.

Travel insurance:

All visitors must have a valid travel insurance when touring in Mexico. 

May you need to contact us : 

cel-phone 52+ (624) 129-8701  

  MSM or What’s app 


  local phone 144-3539


Skype: maria.elena.muriel 1 

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Los Cabos Sea Turtle - Programs & voluntourism

Due Our geographical location surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez or Gulf of California 

from July to November many sea-turtles visit our Coast lines , some of them come and lay their eggs in our sandy beaches others you can see at shallow waters feeding and matting , out of the 7 sea turtles of the World 5 are present at  our coastlines , we actively participate in preservation of the species cataloged as vulnerable or endengered

we have two programs to participate , overnight night Patrol camp  or sea-turtle releases , the amount you pay is to cover expenses and the rest goes to education programs for children and donations to conservation , come feel the experience and participate  .

3 programs to participate:

Sea Turtle's release 

(September to November 30)

Program: N4D


Sea-turtles come from remote areas to nest to our sandy areas . Sea turtles had walked the earth with dinosaurs, now they are vulnerable to  go extinct ,  Join  us and the Marine Biologist to help to release baby sea turtles , discover how they navigate , feed , courtship and mate .trough your participation you help to preserve them. 

Brief description: We  will  pick you up at your Hotel and go to one of the oldest sea-turtle camp where the NGOs biologist will receive us , give us directions and go hands on to help to release baby sea-turtles then we will enjoy dinner at a local restaurant and bring you back to your hotel. 

Includes: Transportation, guide, bottle of water, park fee's , permits, use of equipment ,

Does not include: tips, donations

Price per person: US$100 ( we require a minimum of 2 participants)

Cabo-Sea Turtle Night patrol 
(July to October)

Program: N4A


Sea-turtles come from remote areas to nest to our sandy areas, We will visit the nesting sites of the sea turtles (Green & leatherback) we will camp and  patrol during the night help the biologist to rescue the sea-turtles'nest  and bring them to the farm  ,  the  naturalist explain the conservation efforts made to preserve the species which are cataloged as endanger, trough your participation you help to preserve them. 

Brief description: We  will  pick you up at your Hotel and go to the oldest sea-turtle camp where the NGOs biologist will receive us ,then we will enjoy dinner , Biologist will give us directions and go on patrol to find the turtles coming ashore and  hands on help us to release baby sea turtles go  to patrol at night to find the sea-turtles which come ashore to lay their eggs ,  witness an event only few can see , collect data for scientist if you are tired go to sleep next morning enjoy light breakfast and bring you back to your hotel .

Includes: Transportation, guide, bottle of water, parks fee, equipment , overnight at camp  in tents , 1dinner & 1breakfast with biologist onsite.

Does not include: tips, donations,alcoholic beverages

Please wear comfortable clothing , walking shoes for sand , at night is chilly    

Price per person US$195 ( we require a minimum of 2 participants )  


Paintings Painted  by natives with design of sea-turtle and other wild life , those are replicas of the ancestral paintings painted by the pre-hispanic Indians of these regions around 7000 years ago and are still spread around as witnesses of their existence and legacy to us.

Buy a piece of art , 50% of the money you pay is for the sea-turtle conservation's program the other is for material and the  native artist .


Native local stone 4X6 inch in average.

and made painting by local native artist , design are replica of the ancestral rock/cave 's paintings .

includes a wooden base.

Price per piece: US$12 +16% sales tax.

Thanks for your help.

Buy a Piece of art & support the sea turtles 

Order your piece of art direct with the artist's workshop they deliver all over USA 

More than 100 designs available , sea-turtles, dolphins, sharks, octopus, hummingbirds  and all the marine life of the Sea of Cortes or Gulf of California .- the largest aquarium of the world 

you buy a piece and part of the money is for conservation of sea-turtles if you want to know more about the program' support contact the artist :

The  following 8 min. video will reach your heart !!!!

Information & Reservations to participate :