Year By Year Birds including Raptors migrate south they have a role to perform in nature , some pollinate along the route and help bees , butterflies and other insects to keep nature healthy spreading seeds and polen , also are traveling to find a mate and reproduce in addition to enjoy tropical weather or just like you to spend some fun vacation time , whatever reason or all of the above Raptors congregate to migrate together , they look like a River flowing south thus is a River of raptors , thousands can be seen and Ornithologist need to count them all , so we will participate in these Citizen Science project at same time we enjoy birding , our days will be spent Counting Raptors which is our main focus of tour but also will go Birding other areas  and enjoying some archaeological and cultural sites that are near by  
would you join us ? 

October 8- 17 , 2023 

Schedule :

 Brief description
 Arrivals  (VER) & welcome dinner 
 Arrive  to international airport (VER) and spread your wings
enjoy a welcome brieffing & dinner to meet your Leader and travel companions  
Bay Birding Tour & count Raptors 
Morning Bay tour Birding coastal shrubs Mexican Sheartail & Canivet’s emerald

Afternoon at Bird’s observatory of Raptors

Birding Morning 
and count Raptors 
Birding morning & Raptor’s observatory , Boat tour to admire 4 kingfishers , many shorebirds , herons , egrets & more  
Birding , Park , Museum and waterfalls 
Check-out and go Birding Morning mixed habitats target birds Altamira , orioles , rose – throated becard , ladder ba-backed woodpecker, collared forest falcon. Double-striped thick knee and aplomado falcons. And move to a different site ick to edit text
 Birding High lands 
Highland species like endemic Blue Mockingbird, blue-crowned motmot, Green Jay, Brush finches and many more birds
Then visit an anthropology museum and waterfalls to enjoy a variety of birds.  
Go Birding Higher to Oak Forest 
 Day of High lands oak forest at different altitudes packed up with many birds we will enjoy targeted birds: red warbler, crescent chested and Golden Browed warblers, spectacular views of the canyons and waterfalls mountain trogon Gray silky flycatcher, bumble bee and azure-crowned hummingbird, collared towhee, Russet Nightingale-trush and tufted flycatcher , In addition canyon towhee, broad-tailed hummingbird, Black-chinned sparrow, Magnificent Hummingbird and more. 
River of Raptors again and oldest European hacienda in Mexico 
Come back to enjoy Raptor’s migration in 2 observation venues to maximize or viewings also Vist the oldest European Hacienda in Mexico
Birding  and Archeaology and Historical site 
Birding and Areological site Where Hernan Cortez Arrived first time and founded first European settlement

The area is surrounded of open space that provide many Birding opportunities Including Perched Raptors

 Savanna Birding 
& farewell dinner 
Thorns scrub bushes and savanna birding day targeted birds:

Double striped thick-knee, Mexican shear tail, Rufus-breasted Spinetail and Farewell dinner

 Get transfered to airport for your fglight home or a tour extention , keeping your memories , new friends and Come back soon !!!

General Information:

  • Tour begins / End international airport of Veracruz Mexico (VER) 


  • 9 nights Lodging in Hotel in suit bathroom double occupancy.
  • Single supplement available at extra cost.
  • 8 Breakfast , 8 Lunch, 8 Dinners
  • Transportation , fuel and parking as needed.
  • Park entrances' fees
  • Tour Leader and local guides