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Copper Canyon Sierra Madre Mexico 

We will depart from Los Cabos Baja California Sur México, to experience the Majestic Copper canyon , Considered Home of Hummingbirds  it is located at the middle of the sierra madre mountains, it is a 25000sq.mile area of beautiful landscape and breathtaking vistas , full of Hummingbirds , Eared Quetzal , Mexican Chickadee and more than 200 migrants , resident & vagrant birds in addition  beautiful landscapes , flora & fauna , wildlife , lakes , waterfalls , impressive geology , rock formations  and more surprises.  

Some of the canyons are 6136ft.deep, reason why geologist said it is bigger and deeper that the grand canyon in USA.

Copper Canyon is the largest and most complex canyon systems in the world, the area contains a vast array of habitats. It is the combination of these habitats that allow for such a diversity of resident, migrating, and wintering bird species; more than 400 species are reported in these area thus in bucket list of Birders. 

We will Step in the Footsteps of Steve Howells and other birders . Join us to Copper Canyon safari devoted to birding

In addition These beautiful canyon System is home of the Tarahumara or Raramuri Culture, an ancestral tribe that has being living there for ever , During the Spaniard Conquest they were discovered but they had keep their traditions , culture , believes alive, living in caves and other primitive dwellings Only with the elements that the nature  provide them , they are also famed for their long-distance running ability wining international competitions .

There are few communities that are still unknown by the “White man”  as they call us foreigns but some others had accepted us even when they don’t speak  Spanish but their own dialect. During these unforgettable adventure your tour-guide will Interpret the Tarahumara Culture and Traditions . We will visit some cave-homes and admire the vistas of the deep canyons, visit lakes, waterfalls, enjoy wildlife in addition to  birding .

if it is not enough  to convince you ..... We will ride the Train that since 1961 had connected the Copper Canyon , these railroad is one of the engineering wonders of the World with 86 tunnels , 37 Bridges, the Riders' Digest named it “ The most dramatic train ride in the western hemisphere” . 

All being said ensure an unforgettable experience .... Join us !!!!!


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