Mission's trail 

     7 Days - Mision's trail & Camino Real    

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The Counquest of the Baja california peninsula was different than in Main land Mexico  , here the conquest came by religion ..... it was a mission given to jesuit 's misionaries by the King of Espain in 1697 ..... come and discover the camino real , step in the footprints of the explores , see what they saw feel what the felt , see the evidences and artifacts they also encountered......  along these trip we will enjoy not only missions but ancestral indian sites , caves and paintings left as legacy to human been , we will enjoy desert ecology flora , fauna and wildlife , we will have culinary experiences along the way and many more surprises !!!! 

Highlights: 6 missions , art roc/cave paintings from ancestor indians, museums, historical sites and buildings  and much more . 


6 night lodging , 6 breakfast 5 lunch 5 dinner , 1 welcome coctail , transportation , drinks & snacks , visit 6 missions , museums , rock/cave paintings, great vistas , birding & photo opportunieties , enjoy nature , geology flora & fauna immerse your sences with the local music and dancers of these regions while acompanied by a professional tour guide . 

Price per person start at : Double Occupancy US$2,500    single supplement  US450

(price could change without notice)

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Policy: we require a minimum of 2 attendees to operate any program  departures upon request at least a month in advance 
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