• Airport transfer day #1 
  • 9 hotel DBL occupancy 
  • 9 Mexican Breakfast 
  • 8 Mexican Lunch 
  • 9 Mexican Dinner
  • 2 T-shirts 
  • 1 small back-pack for day trips.
  • 1 ID & Holder.
  • 24  tours & guided programs combined in 10 days such as guided visit to archeological sites, pyramids, museums , old churches, cathedral, Governor Palace , Murals , Historical Buildings & homes, Castle, folkloric show. Arts & crafts markets World's heritage sites by UNESCO among others. 
  • Entrance tickets & permits 
  • Guides.
  • Local experts &  hosts.

Does Not Include : 

  • Travel documents such as visa
  • Airline tickets please fly to the international airport of Mexico City ( MEX). 
  • Transfer Hotel -Airport day #10 departure. 
  • Tips nor gratuities.
  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Medical insurance
  • What is not mentioned in this promotional.
  • Special meals at extra cost. 
  • Single supplement at extra cost
  • Some museums charge a  pictures' fee (optional)

Price per person: US$3,300 
in double occupancy 

Single suplement available at extra cost  please ask .

(price could change without notice)



  • May 23  to June 1
  • June18-22
  • July 13-22

  • May 15-24
  • June 13-22
  • July 10-19 

Or any other day of your convenience as far as we have a minimum of 2.

Any other dates available upon request as far as we have a minimum of 2 participants and we have the dates available please ask ...

5 steps to reserve :

#1 Send an e-mail

provide your name 

number  of travelers including you 


#2 We will send you a confirmation's letter & request a PayPal deposit 

#3 we will send you an e- registration package 

#4 pay the balance 30 days prior departure

#5 Enjoy the trip  

we will also travel trough centuries by the food we will taste:

Questions? please contact us 

Mexico Through Centuries


10 Days Culture & 

Living Art, History & Culinary experience 's Immersion 

Afraid to travel  to Mexico ? are you a solo traveler ? is Mexico in Your Bucket list?  

These Program will save you time , money & effort ,  will make you feel safe by traveling with others sharing the cost of Travel 

Your Guides

Edgar, Claudio & MariaElena 

Will combine their knowledge , experience & expertise to provide you the best tour/experience ever!!!

Mexico is full of  Traditions , History Art & History , the Pre-Hispanic Cultures  such as Aztec, Maya, Toltec  were as majestic as the Babylonians, Assyrians , Egyptians . they had their own ethnic food, ingredients, traditions  & believes , then were conquered by Spaniards and other Europeans and introduced the Old world  food , ingredients, traditions  when mixed gave origin to mestizo and  Creole  food and traditions.

During these Experience  We will visit sites from Pre-Hispanic time to Modern times , all  its archeological sites ,  buildings , tianguis (market in nahuatl) museums &  cathedrals are like open books full of  History , stories of its inhabitants and  messages ….....  if you could only read them So come and witness the encounter of two worlds. !!!. each day we will try a different dish from Pre-Hispanic to now days time .


Each day we will try food from different time period also from different region of Mexico. Mexican  Culinary , Food Art & Culture will be interpreted by professional Mexicans , you will be lead by an Architect , art Historian & a Tour-guide  along with local Chefs & experts.  you will be immerse in the Culture with Safe, security  and  international Standards’ services to experience Mexico trough the Centuries …... Touch , See, Listen , Feel  Taste , Explore, Discover, Experience, Enjoy !!!

Tour will begin :
 day #1 on April 30th. at International airport of Mexico City (MEX)
will end :
 day #10 on May 9th.  departure from Hotel 

 Proposed - Agenda
 Arrivals -  Welcome to Mexico City 
Transfer to Hotel , evening tour , welcome dinner 
Culinary experience : from Jalisco , land of Tequila and Mariachi 
  Day # 2
Encounter past Cultures.
Prehispanic Mexico , travel to the past to the Dwells of Gods , visit archeological sites  & step in the footsteps of early Native Nations , one of greatest  world Civilizations of ancient time  world heritage By UNESCO
Culinari experience : Mexican pastries , pre-hispanic food  fromToltec culture
  Day # 3
  Colonial and novo hispanic eras
Prehispanic Temple, a different culture root of a great nation,  visit one of the Oldest College in American Continent 1583 , Inquisition Palace & Cathedral  the good & the evil the same day. 

Culinary experience : pre-hispanic food  from Aztec culture & Criole
  Day #4

  Hidden Jewels in the City 
Only Byzantine art expresion (476-1453 AC) found in Mexico City , Prehispanic buildings & the famous mural Mexico trough centuries By Diego Rivera.
Culinary experience : Mestizo  and from 1600s  food
  Day #5

 Baroque and its highlights 
We will travel back to baroque era architecture, old buildings , one of the oldest library in American Continent  with 45 059 books  from century XV to XIX and few from  XX  a World heritage by UNESCO .......  books & writings from Socartes, Descartes, Galilee, Isaac Newton , polyglot Bible , Sor Christopher Columbus , Padre Kino , Junipero Serra, Carlos de Siguenza & Gongora , Charles Darwin , Juana Ines de La Cruz  among others are there .
Culinary experience : Mexican pastries with French influence , Food from Puebla from Viceroyalty era
  Day # 6

  from Achaic times to Viceroyalty 
The greatest collection of every single  prehispanic culture of Mexico  , then travel to Independence & Viceroyalty time  of Mexico ...  the only castle built by Europeans in American Continent   , if the building  could talk will tell you many historical events ..... your guides will 
Culinary experience : Mexican traditional food
  Day # 7

  A Romance influenced the Country 
Visit : Murals , Diego Rivera & Frida Khalo Home some of the most famous artist of Mexico , love & hate painted in their walls & corners ..... 
Culinary experience : Frida Khalos favorite food 
  Day # 8
 Art Medley
Visit a collection of Art , travel from 1400 to 1917 trough paintings and sculptures  admire from renaissance, Mannerism, Baroque, Neoclassical, Romanticism, Realism , Impressionism, some surrealism , it might sound complicated but  in easy way tips & tricks the art historian will help you to identify them all .
Culinary experience : the 3 Ts (Tacos, Tortas , Tostadas) experience
  Day #9

Arts & Crafts , Folklore & Mexican candies 
Mexico Through centuries by  Candies , arts & crafts , visit some places where you can find  handmade arts & crafts from all over Mexico ,  all kind of materials & techniques , embroidery , carvings , pottery , clay , wood , copper, textiles , fibers, silver, gold , pearls,  vanilla, cocoa, candies and more from  pre-hispanic cultures to century XXI ,  in the evening enjoy our  Farewell dinner
Culinary experience : Aztec food  & Mexican Gourmet
  Day # 10
   Departures ..... hasta La Vista 

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Tour will be operated if we have a minimum of 2 participants , not necessary from your group , please spread the word .... thank you