Information & Policy regarding COVID-19 

All of us are confined at home and each one is working from home-office, we had virtual meetings and are making improvements to our Tours for your Benefit.
Let Me explain..... 

What is happening ???

Perhaps you have noticed but all the planet is healing , news from all over the world show monkeys  swimming having fun in a pool of a hotel , blue crystal iridescent waves along many sea-shores including the ones at La Paz and Los Cabos  here in Baja California Sur , Mexico , large school of mobulas jumping frantic in all our coastlines around los Cabos and La Paz  as if they were dancing , at a resort in Loreto there was a herd of  bighorn sheep enjoying the gardens.
In many of Los Cabos Golf-coures they had reported whitetail deers , raccoons , roadrunners among other wildlife,   in some  other countries they have seen tigers, lions , elephants in places not commonly seen and if you look through your window you will  enjoy clear skies every night as never before  , all night long you will see constellations changing , and of course during the day  many different birds are out there for you to enjoy !!!!!!. 

Yes , there is also a horrible virus challenging human being but we are confident that you are following the recommendations  :  
  • Please Do NOT go out unless is extremely necessary
  • Cover with your forearm if you cough or sneeze
  • Ware a mask and gloves when going out
  • Wash your hands as much as possible
  •  Disinfect everything you bring from outside.
  • Keep distance at least 4 ft. from each other 
What we have done during quarantine   

Each of us cleaned and selected our files , e-mails , papers and pictures , Our Guides have taken virtual classes and workshops to improve their skills as guides and Birders,  they also said they have learn a lot from each of you .

Also  We  have been texting via what's app at each other sharing  pictures of the tours we have lead ; you are in those pictures and brought happy , good  memories from all of you  , we remembered when we enjoyed the meal at the Rancho during our B1D- Birding desert specialties tour or the delicious fish / shrimp tacos we eat during our B2- Birding desert - wetlands and sea and we are looking forward to take you again as soon as you can comeback.

We think it will be nice to take you to enjoy other areas , to enjoy different birds try different foods enjoy nature & wildlife and let all the stress we are living now away.......... 

We Still Have availability for our 10 days Birding Copper Canyon Tour    April 25- May 4 2021, or you might want to join us to our 10 Days Mexico through the Centuries , Living Art & Culture tour.
Maby some of you remember as we have talk during the tours with some of you Birding hasn't been enough to make Birding Los Cabos Co.  grow,  it barely sustains , much brainstorm video conferences we have had ,  we agreed to  create more diversity of ecotours focused in nature/ecology/sciences , we have walks and hikings, snorkel , desert ecology, stargazing and other attractions in touch with nature , 
Our cultural tours focused in culture, culinary experiences , rural areas , art & history , when you come with your non birder dear ones we will have something to offer you all.

But Birding Will always be our main activity .......... so we have discovered other unique, places to take you to enjoy Birds away from the crowds . 
What do we suggest to do by the moment in confinement?  

Here 12 suggestions  Hope you Like them !!

  •  Be patience , not amount of money can pay your welfare and good health . 
  • Look at our website and discover the new tours we offer.
  • Make the trip review in trip advisor or cruise critique you couldn't do in t time  after your trip. 
  • Make a reservation, we are accepting reservations remotely and we have a 100% refund policy or change your date of trip in case you can't travel due covit19.(valid until October 30,2020)
  • Repetitive birders will get 10% discount in every day trip.when purchased via our e-mail.
  • If you reserve more than 1 day-trip you will get also 10% discount in every other of the minor price.(valid during until july 2021) 
  • Watch the movie " The Big year"
  • Watch a documentary Australian Parrots  
  • Human bing is a mind , body and spirit , cultivate holistic; eat healthy , rest & exercise , cultivate your spirituality here a good free book that explains nature and human existence.
  • brochure that explain solar system , whales and how nature works. 
  • Birds are out there , get your binoculars look through  your balcony or back yard  .... let  know your observations via whats's app to our tour's  guides , they miss you too, contact them and share your observations durning your confinement .
  • Our Guides Joanne and Maria Elena had volunteer to whal's up to you while we are in confinemet , Understand that When we reactivate the tours they won't be available to chat  because they will concentrate to lead birdind or cultural or eco tours on field with many of you new visitors but you can contact us via e-mail 
  • What;s app Joanne +52 (624)151-1565 
  • What's app Maria Elena +52 (624) 129-8701
  • Keep us in mind we will see soon !!!!!!! 
Changes and improvements in operation of Tours during our new season 

  • Our Tours will maintain same prices , no increase during 2020 and 2021.
  • You know we manage small groups ..... now will be smaller.
  • Our Guides had attended online workshops to become better Birders you will see their improvements. .
  • All our personnel have taken safe and security training course focus in  how to prevent COVID-19 issues.
  • Our Guides & Drivers , in addition to our partners we all wear a mask to protect you.They will had also taken vaccines to fortify their immune system. 
  • We will have sanitizing gel available all the time.
  • We will have also sanitizing disposable towels during our tour.
  • We will desinfect our units before, during and after each tour.
  • We are now asking our visitors to ware also a mask of their preference 
  • The most difficult for us and we are Sorry !!!  No group pictures , shacking hands or giving hugs.
  • We will also have private tours now available please ask for quotation 

  • If you have a reservation with us and made a deposit : 
  • Day trips : You can change the date at no extra Cost .
  • Multiple day trips Booked during 2020- 2021 : we will give you a credit for your next tour  , for the amount of your deposit - 20%  administration's fee. 
  • No Show , No Refund 
  • Events or Acts of God - No refund 
  • ALL travelers must have a valid Travel Insurance to cover your unexpected events. 
  • Contact us at any time , we will love to hear from you !!!!!