You can help!

Often visitors  offer us help to help others and ask  how you can help .

please don't give us money 


Sell us or Donate your used:

  • Binoculars
  • Scope
  • Tripod
  • Trekking poles
  • Tent
  • Field-guides
  • Recorder 
  • Lamps
  • Magnifiers
  • Hats caps & visers
  • Compass
  • Fins , flippers , mask 
  • Any camp gear will help
  • Crayons  
  • disposable globes

Shipping  your contributions:
via Fedex or DHL , please declare 1 US$ value , since many times they charge us customs -tax but if you declare US$1value,  will be no charge . 

Our adress:
Calle nube mz.19 L14 Fracc. Arcoiris Cabo San lucas BCS. cp.23456 Mx.

Adoption program:

In these program you adopt one or more species , they might be sick , mutilated or for some reason in rehabilitation ,  such as turtle's nest , hawk ,owl snake , etc. 

You send a fee to the administrator and they will report to you the progress , also you can go visit them and see their progress .....

ask for more details by sending us an-email.

community & volunteer work  we have done 

Birding Los Cabos / Birding La Paz :

 Provides volunteer work to their community in Baja California Sur in different ways:

Filed trip - training students  of Sonora Mexico 

workshop at a rural community 

Birding field-trip for children 

Training  birding skills to other tour-guides 


 developing interpretive skills for tour-guides 

Field trip

 Diploma class to certify tour guides. 


 to preserve Sea- turtles


interpretive talks  

Adopt a nest of sea turtles 

Thank for your invaluable help : 

We thank deeply for the help given , your contributions are helping to save many species , their habitats and also create the human resources to keep growing the help needed .

  • Thank All the visitors who participate in our birding programs because part of the money you pay is to keep running the environmental education's programs and field trips for school's kids .

  • Thanks to optics for the tropics for the donation of binoculars for the school's programs 

  • Thanks to Diane Demee-Benoit and her contacts for selling us equipment at discounted prices

  • Thanks To Jennie Duberstein from Sonoran Joint Venture and her team and contacts for the training , mentoring provided and the word of mouth recommendation