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  • We Costumize according to your needs and preferences
  • We Provide Private tours upond request .
  • We require a minimum of 2 attendees to operate , limited to 8 per group the bigger the group might reduce the cost .


Birding - Trekking , Nature , 

Sierra la Laguna Biosphere Reserve 

   In search of the 7 cape endemics and many subspecies 

 4 night 5 days  US$1,200

program: BEX1

An expedition to Sierra de La Laguna Biosphere Reserve enjoy the six endemics to a natural reserve protected by national park service , we will claim up to 6,000 feet above sea-level 

by foot and by mule-ride , we will spend 1 night  at a camp with the intention to enjoy these birds , relax in touch with nature you can be sure that only our group is enjoing the same group of birds , our professional naturalist will share the history and natural history of this pristine area , our personal cheff will cook delicious meals while you just relax, enjoy birds, nature and more......

Goal: to enjoy 7 endemics and 12 subspecies :

in addition to the birds you can enjoy at lower altitudes around los cabos , you can enjoy : San - Lucas Robin, Bell´s and Cassin´s Vireo, Spotted and California Towhees, Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher, Black and White Warbler,  bushtit,   see or hear the endemic Cape Pigmy Owl.   Orange Crowned  Warblers , Baird's Juncos , Bushtits , Hutton's Vireo ,San Lucan Robins , Oak Titmice, acorn woodpecker , ladder back , gilded flicker  among others most of them are subspecies.


1 night at camp , 3 night at a hotel , transportation , mule ride , 4 breakfast , 3 lunch , 4 dinner , 6 birding tours , 1 mini pelagic tour 1hr.

Main activities : Trekking , birding , mule riding 

price per person starts   US $1,200 

 Please contact us for additional information 


 Be aware that  we require minimum 2 max 8 attendees  not from your same group but in general if you are a single traveler you are welcome as the number of attendees grow the price might shrink 

 Please  request a registration format  to  the following e-mail address 

                ---------------------------------------------  birdingloscabos@gmail.com    -----------------------------------------

Day #1
 Day #2
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 Day #5
 Departures on your own 
 birding & Nature   
  Birding/wetlands, desert & sea
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leisure time to spread your wings 
 Birding & Desert ecology 
  Mini pelagic birding tour
Option to extend your trip more days 
 Welcome briefing and dinner , meet your guide and mingle with group 
 Dinner & stargazing 
farewell - Dinner 
 overnight -hotel
 overnight -camp
 overnight -Hotel
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