Baja Endemics.


  • To enjoy 7 endemics and many more resident, wintering birds.
  • One night lodge in camp .
  • 2 Breakfast
  • 2 Lunch.
  • 1 Dinner
  • Round transportation 
  • mules riding & packing.
  • permits & park's fee
  • Certified naturalist - keen birder
  • Price per person :


Please send an e-mail to:

Birds In target:

  • Cape/Baja  Pygmy-Owl,Glaucidium,gnoma hoskinsii , 
  • San Lucas Robin, Turdus migratorius confinus, 
  • Baird's junco, Junco bairdii, 
  • Cassin's vireo, Vireo cassiinii lucasanus,
  • Xantus humingbird, Xantuhantusii, 
  • Gray Thrasher, Toxostoma scinererum.
  • Belding's yellowthroath , Geotypis beldingii, 
  • Cinnamon rump seedeater - Sporophila torqueola.

Price per person US$810 

7 endemics in 2 days 

If you don't have enough time but want to enjoy the endemics of Baja California  this program is for you , but be aware that you will need to be in good shape to accomplish the endemics in the minor time possible so it will be little rushed and will be most of time only you and your companions 4 participants or more , request a discount!!!! a reservation at leas 1 month in advance is required .

Proposed Agenda
 Day #1
 Day #2
 You must be in Los cabos 
day prior to program 
Enjoy mule packing to Rim of Sierra La Laguna to enjoy 3 endemics 
Enjoy 2 different venues to enjoy 4 endemics .
end of service 
 Includes B,L,D
 B, L