General Info:


We require a minimum of 2 attendees to operate
To provide personal atention we limit the Expedition to 10 attendees .

We can operate any dates as far as we have a minimum of 2 attendees,

if you are a single traveler we will open a date and we will advertise  to find other travelers , we also expect you to spread the word with your friends , colleagues or club members ,  in the remote case that nobody else book for the tour you will be asked if you want to pay the minimum of 2 attendees. 

We also provide private service upond request .

a full detailed e-package will be sent to your e-mail upon registration 

   Birds & Gray Whales sanctuary 

2 Night 3 days Adventure 

Program: BEX5

The Baja California Peninsula , Sea of Cortes or Gulf of California with its islands covers more than 1000 miles of deser, mountains and coastlines , it is considered by Scientist as an open book to study and research the process of Nature ,

Jacques Cousteau named them "The Mexican Galapagos Island"  and  gave the oceans the title of "The largest living aquarium of the world " those expressions give us an idea of the diversity, uniqueness and beauty of this region , the early time explorers and missionaries named it " the other Mexico " , it was a territory until 1972 .

Join us on a journey devoted to Birding and encounter more than 300 species, whale-watching more than 8 species , and encounter other marine life such as California sea lions, dolphins , sea-turtles , reptiles and many more

In addition we will be immerse in the local culture and traditions , enjoy regional food , visit old missions, museums your guide/leader will interpret the nature and culture . and be acquainted with the local different conservation programs.          Hope you will join us  below is the itinerary

Description: We will begin at loby of your hotel and drive to enjoy the desrt landscape flora and fauna , while your guide/naturalist interpret the nature and culture of these regions pass by small comunities ,in order we reach a gray-whale sanctuary , once there enjoy the whale's sanctuary , learn from conservation programs enjoy and mingle with the community
Highlights: enjoy birding , whale-watching , sea turtles programs, sand dunes , old comunities and ranchos , coutry side , and much more . 
Includes: guided activity , transportation , all the gear required for the activities, permits & park entrance fees , from breakfast day#1 to lunch day #3 , 2 nights lodging , and much more 
Please , dress in layers , bring only a back-pack with your personal items such as a coffee mug and a water canteen of at least 1 ltr. of water to re-fill , hat or cap , sunblock & bug repellent at your discretion , we assumed you will bring your binoculars unless you ask us to loan you some . 
all participants must bring a valid medical insurance.
price per person start at:  US$850  dbl.  single supplement add    US$99 
minimum of 2    limited to 10 attendees per group  ( does not include gratuities if you want add 20% service and we will spread the gratuities among the suppliers) 

Departures : 2017 




Birding & Gray whale sanctuary 
2Night 3 days 

 Day #1 
           Day #2 
 Day # 3
Pick up at your hotel 
and go birding desert birds
 breakfast at a local rancho 
whale-watching at a sanctuary 
  birding & wahle-watching 
  birding wetlands 
  lunch at an island 
 drive back 
  lunch at a local restaurant 
  birding pelagics 
   lunch along the way 
 visit a museum 
 enjoy a sand dune 
  end of service 
  drive to sanctuary 
 dinner and stargazing 
  overnight at a hotel 
  overnight at a camp 

     A full- detailed e-package with itinerary and map
will be sent to you e-mail  upon registration 

please send us an e-mail