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whale sharks -hiking- flora watching- photo safari - geology - rancho's experience -
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Los Cabos is a Birders' paradise
and cruise-ship passengers are welcome too

Programs we offer:
*Rock / cave paintings
* Sea-turtles programs
*Kayak,  Scubadive & snorkeling
*Whale-sharks snorkel
*Astronomy - Stargazing
*Desert hiking
*Copper Canyon &
Tarahumara indians
*Multi-day vacation  package

!!! Let us put together a special Custo
mized package for you and your group !!!!!

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We are certified , apply the estandards and collaborate with the following institutions:  

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Los Cabos is home of 3 endemics  and more than 100 other migrants and resident birds for you to enjoy, you can experience all of these in only 1/2 a day tour. add the endemic yellow footed gull making a day tour .

You can experience additional 3 more endemics such as Baird's Junco, San Lucas robin and Cape Pygmy owl that inhabit the Sierra mountains of Los Cabos in one of our daily excursions  a multi-day  .

we also have combination tours with whales, sea turtles, whale-sharks or with cultural experiences 

Birding is so new in this area that you can be assured that your group will be the only birding enthusiasts in the area enjoying our feathered wildlife.   Whether staying at a hotel, or coming on a cruise ship, we will be happy to take you birding and tour you around , please explore our website look for our birding options, eco & nature, cultural historical , archeological or multi-day trips & expeditions ...... coming on cruises , yacht or live abord?   we also have some options for you ......

We make your valuable time and money worth the best !!!!!!

Guided           Vs.        Non  Guided 
excursions & tours 


  • We are local , naturalist, guides , Biologist .
  • We have the local knowledge
  • We know when and where the birds are during the year.
  • We have access to areas not open to public  or only with a guide.
  • You will not only see the birds you will have information of them
  • You don't have to be concern about driving , parking etc.
  • You will travel safe.
  • By hiring us you will contribute to educate the local students since part of your ticket is to support our education's programs.
  • You save time and money since we take you faster to the areas you need to be to enjoy the birds or attractions 
  • We will take you to several sites to show you the birds on target in case they are not there at first place. 
  • You will be immerse in the culture and nature of the area.
  • We will interpret the biology , historical site , events , birds , ecosystem , landscape, culture, night-sky etc. 

Non guided

  • You might miss a beautiful bird, attraction, place or area that you didn't know it was there.
  • Instead of enjoying the landscape, scenery or historical sites with your loved ones, you will be alert driving not to  miss a turn , reading an un-accurate map not to get lost or not to have an accident
  •  You will pay a lot of money in taxi rides
  • you might see birds that you might not recognize Due different plumage or nor common in the area you come from
  • You might deny people the opportunity to earn a living due lack of job opportunities they will think to migrate to other countries 
  • Our education programs with children might die due lack of fundings.
  • Going by yourself to remote areas might put you in risk 
  • Going by yourself might be more expensive.  

All our tours , programs & packages are EDUTAINMENT 

May you need to contact us :

[email protected] 


 cell, text or What’s app  52+1 (624) 129-8701

  local phone  52 (624) 144-3539

 live chat  :   Skype   maria.elena.muriel 1                                               

                                     We will be more than happy to take you Birding  or  other excursions 

[email protected]

cell , text or what's app

52 +1 (612) 155 5090

We are locals , have more than 20 years experience in tours and programs , active learning , tourism and recreation by putting people in touch with Natural and Cultural heritage

Our leaders are natives, certified, fluent in English and Spanish and earned licences by the Mexican Ministry of tourism and National Association for Interpretation of USA. and are up-dating  in constant training 


We are based at Los Cabos Baja California Sur Mexico but we operate all over the Country 
local phone 52 (624)144-3539        
 cel 52+ 1(624)129-8701  ( also available for what's app or text messages )
cel 52+1 (612)155-5090 ( available for text msg and whats app)
Kayak & scuba diving programs :
cel. 52+1 (624)129-9666

[email protected] 

We customize to create your everlasting memories !!!!!!!!!!!!!

We  know when , where and how to enjoy the endemics the easiest 

Special priced  all inclusive :
Excursion with focus in Birds & whales  
limited to max 6 participants per group
need more details ? send us an e-mail 

Mexico City Living Art & History 
10 days immerse in the culture , travel trough the centuries from Prehispanic time to modern time lead by an Architect , art historian & tour guide  look or click:  at cultural/rural/art history section of website 

Ready To Reserve? :

#1 send us an e-mail   [email protected]    with following information:

  • Your Name 
  • Days  of your visit  
  • Program(s) you want to participate 
  • Number of Participants icluding you 
  • which hotel/villa should we pick-you up?

#2 When we receive your mail, we will send you a confirmation's letter and a PayPal deposit request

#3 When we receive the PayPal small deposit, you will be all set until the day of your program 

#4 The day of your program the Guide/Driver will pick you up , please present :

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  • a copy of your  Paypal deposit 
  • please pay the balance .  
  • Enjoy your program 

Note: Visitors coming on Cruise-ship please look at section Birding for cruisers in this website 

We all are standing on the shoulders of the Giants of the Past 

Sir Isaac Newton